How to Use Your Samsung S Pen in Snapchat (Samsung Mobile)

S Pen

Want to have fun on Snapchat use your S pen that attaches with your galaxy note7 where you writing notes in cursive or drawing flowers around your best friend’s head, your S Pen offers you infinite ways to up your Snapchat game. Take it to a whole different level with these tips.

  1. Showing the Difference of Handwriting

S Pen

Snapchat is coming up with entertaining, quotable and amusing captions for your images and videos. Typing in Snapchat is perfectly fine, but with your S Pen, you can write them instead for the perfect personal touch. When you combine the choice of colors with your phone’s pressure-sensitive screen, your writing is limited only by your imagination. No one says memorable like a five-second photo of your friend’s engagement with the words “I said yes!” handwritten in the most delicate fine lines.

  1. Up the Art Ante

S Pen

Freestyle doodling in Snapchat is far advanced than freestyle handwriting, especially when you have an S Pen to do your drawing. The combination of the Galaxy Note7’s large screen and the S Pen gives you the tools to make high-impact Snapchat artwork wherever you want. So if you want to fun with your best friend like draw a rainbow color mustache you can do it easily draw one on him ~ ;).

  1. Give Yourself an Emoji Makeover

S Pen

Just record a video of yourself in Snapchat, tap the emoji button in the upper right corner, resize the emoji using a pinching motion and drag and hold over your face (or your desired target in the video) with your S Pen. Finish off with some hand drawn hair or a funny handwritten saying, and voila.

  1. Filter and Filter Again

Are you the hunger of Snapchat filter? Well, lucky for you, you can add more than one filter on your photo. Just take your photo as you usually would, swipe to your desired filter and hold down on the screen with your S Pen as you simultaneously swipe to add a second filter and add a handwritten message.

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