How to Delete Duplicate Photos from Your System

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Duplicate photo files contributed the largest part of your total duplicate files on your system. These identical photo files accumulate on your system due to various reasons. These similar files not only occupy precious storage space but affect system speed and performance negatively. Let’s discuss how to delete duplicate photos from your system.

Manual process:

To find and delete all identical photo files on your system you can follow a manual process. Here you need to sift through each file & folder to find these identical files. Thus, manual process has its limitations like it is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee accurate results. Despite that, you can follow these steps to manually clean the unwanted duplicate photo files.

  • Go to the folder and search for the duplicate files.
  • You can find these identical files in the form of the duplicate name, size, content or in other terms.
  • Simply select the file and press delete button to instantly remove selected file.

Use Apps: Alternate to following manual process is to use duplicate photo remover apps. These apps offer instant and accurate results to save your time and efforts. Some of these apps are discussed here.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

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image source duplicate photo fixer pro

This simple yet powerful tool helps you delete duplicate photos instantly. It works on advanced algorithms to find and delete all duplicate images on your system accurately. It helps you scan, find and remove identical photo files even from the remotest corners of your system.

This app is designed to reduce your manual efforts and eliminate the need to sift through hundreds of photos and photo folders to search for identical images. To remove all similar and exact looking image files all you need to do is to download and launch this app and the app will perform all tasks automatically.

It will remove all unnecessary photos from your system to recover precious storage space. This tool is useful to de-duplicate your system effortlessly to improve system performance.



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VisiPics uses hyperthreading or multi-processors system to find and delete duplicate images on your system. It offers five different image comparison filters to help you measure how close the pairs of photos are. It will help you detect two different resolution files of similar images as a duplicate, photos with minor cosmetic changes, images with subtle compositional changes, or similar images saved in different formats.

It displays identical files with pertinent information like file type, file name, and file size. It displays results side-by-side as thumbnails and also in a larger preview window. You can simply remove these identical files, rename them or move them to another location.  Its auto-select mode allows you to keep high-resolution pictures, smaller files, uncompressed file types or all above.


Ultimate Duplicate Photo Finder:

ultimate duplicate photo finder

This tool performs a binary comparison to find a similar or exact copy of any file. It helps you find similar files even if the file name of the photo or the folder is different. It can search multiple folders or drives in one go. Its “Smart Folder” feature helps you identify the location of your original photos so that you can better control which files need to be moved to “PhotoDuplciates” folder.

The app doesn’t actually delete files; in fact, it moves files to a special folder called “PhotoDuplicates” from where you can delete or manage duplicate files.


Duplicate Photo Cleaner:

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Use this impressive tool to find and remove all similar or exact looking image files from your system effortlessly. It scans and finds similarities like the same name, same size, same subject, resized pictures, edited pictures and much more.

It supports almost all major image formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, RAW, and others. For better results, you can simply set the similarity threshold to 100% to find only exact duplicates. Here, you can remove these identical files or move them to another drive in few simple steps. This tool is designed to deliver improved results to recover some precious storage space.


Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder:

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This tool finds all similar or exact looking photo files in a folder or all its subfolders for accurate results. It follows usual compare to search for identical image files in user specified folders or images. It uses fast hash algorithms to find duplicates on your system.

It can find identical files even if the files are rotated to 90°, 180°, 270°, or flipped horizontal/vertical etc. Here, you can adjust the percentage of image similarity and mark older or smaller file size duplicates for deletion automatically. You can see a preview of files before deletion. It offers powerful filters and excludes from auto-check options.

You can follow these steps to manually delete the duplicate photo files & also use above mentioned apps for improved results.

We highly recommended these tools that will  recover precious storage space on your computer and improve system performance.

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