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23 Best Android Apps in Playstore of 2017

2017 Best Android Apps Svdtechtalk

There are Millions of Apps on Google Playstore its kind hard to find the best app like you are searching for a browser app on play store but there you will get thousands of search it’s not possible to use all of them and get the best of them. Here we focused on some category based experiment for hours and as a result, top Android apps reviled by us. Here are the 23  best Android apps in this year.

Messenger Apps

In these days Messenger played a perfect role for our daily communicating purpose, messenger apps have the largest number of users study says that instead of calling we just pin to our friends like “Hey, how are you today Joey” over messaging apps. So it’s Important to get a best secure messaging app over the play store app gallery.(Privacy Is Most Important For These Apps) Today we are showing you the best and secure messaging apps based on our study.

 Whatsapp messenger:-

Whatsapp Svdtechtalk

A simple thing has the largest number of among its kind. A live example is WhatsApp had installed over billions of Smartphone worldwide. What Makes It Number one it always improving through user experience, securing through adding new Features. And One Simple Thing everyone uses it, Isn’t it simple. If you are a user of this fine app you know already.

WhatsApp Download

Telegram Svdtechtalk

There is a truth, no messaging app can touch the largest number of users like WhatsApp has but still there are some good alternatives. Telegram is one of them on play store app family. This app has an end to end encryption, group chats and is a creator of chatbots in messenger, unlike others.

It can be used by multiple devices, unlike others which are an extended feature of all time.

Telegram Download
Facebook Messenger:-

Facebook Messenger Svdtechtalk

One of good messenger app is Facebook Messenger app which is also free and has a large scale of users easy to use like WhatsApp you can easily know when your messages are delivered, video call anywhere from the world. It has a feature like the audio recording you can shout or sing with your best buddy instant sticker reply, group chatting send money to your close one etc. Facebook uses the signal protocol to employ the end to end encryption with its optional secret conversations in this messenger app and Open Whisper Systems has confirmed this was all implemented correctly.

So it’s also a best secure place for your conversation privacy and a light app for heavy daily users.

Facebook Messenger Download

File Manager Apps

Solid Explorer:-

Solid Explorer Svdtechtalk

If we are talking about File Manager 1st name we have in limelight Es file explorer. We searched for the alternatives and tested out for replacement. One of them catches our attention guess what yeah you are right Solid Explorer. A very rich featured highly accessible with its Crisp Material Design UI. It’s also very easy to navigate to two separate folders and drag a file across from one to the other with its very handy double panel display. We can say that it’s an all in one solution for managing files it’s capable for Integrate with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, as well as FTP servers which make it an awesome file managing system.

Other features are including hidden folders, ZIP and RAR archive extraction, color schemes and themes customization with icons.

Solid Explorer Download
Amaze file manager:-

Amaze File Explorer Svdtechtalk

Amaze file manager is a basic feature free easy to use app quick access through this app expected like accessing copying, moving, deleting etc. you must use files tree because you can’t access data on your MicroSD card through the drop down menu, and not supporting cloud services.

If you are looking for individual folders, you have to toggle between list and table view. Amaze is able to create many formats thumbnail except PDF Formats; it’s a free app so you can perfectly use this app for you basically need.

Amaze File Explorer Download

Keyboard apps


Fleksy Svdtechtalk

Fast accurate type one of the best need today and Fleksy matched the need today one of the best keyboard apps over play store and our personal favorite for time-saving on typing.

Clever app an hour using tells everything why this app gets us and many of users notice. It takes care of smaller details you need.

Fleksy uses the super quick backward swipe unlike others “Press Hold and Delete “Method also has some extension like invisible keyboard don’t hesitate to try out.

Fleksy Keyboard Download

Swiftkey Keyboard Svdtechtalk

If you are looking for a very special virtual keyboard Swiftkey is a perfect recommendation for you.

If you need a good android keyboard, swiftkey offers you instinctive operating system, with very good spell check and word recognition, and also work wonderfully with tablets.

Swiftkey Keyboard Download

Weather apps


Morecast Svdtechtalk

Every Android app comes with pre-built weather apps, but there is a doubting about their accuracy though there are plenty of weather apps on play store which is more accurate than stock weather apps.

A clear and sensitive Layout with the best interface this app already stored in our favorite list what is its name? Morecast.

A most advanced app of its kind, featuring with cool options like side by side comparisons for two cities and accurate weather information for your journey or a particular route.

The forecast is the wonderful weather app for your smartphone and best of all its absolutely free.

Morecast Download

1Weather Svdtechtalk

1Weather is another best weather app silk looking makes it really special loaded with Forecast details, what made this app in our best list? A huge section of customizable home screen widgets easy to find and fit for our required phone screen space, to match with our phone background it tweaks color scheme and icons very easily and Tabbed widget is especially useful with swipe between hourly, daily, and extended forecasting. And it’s great to inform you that it’s also free.

1Weather Download

GPS and Navigation Apps

Here maps:-

Here Maps Svdtechtalk

The best app for its own kind apart from obvious Google MapHere Maps is Nokia’s own Map. Used by Nokia Devices once upon a time. It can possibly provide as per your expectation. Search and satellite imagery with turn by turn Navigations makes it perfect in any situations a gold feature among the features is an offline feature you can say the main draw feature.

You can easily download the map of the entire city and use them as you want to use almost like online and saves your precious Mb’s.

If you travel a lot or frequently find your data usage if going over the, limit a one and only mildly irritating thing is you have to register first for download maps but it’s totally free and once you have done it. You can download the world app.

Here Map Download

Waze Maps Svdtechtalk

If you live in a crowded city or have planned for off road trip turning to Waze will be a very good option for you, when Google maps done basic navigation for you.

Waze depends on its own community of users, for information about traffic jams, speed traps, and closures. It’s good to heading somewhere with a proper guide like Waze, you can save your time before getting stuck in jam or others. This is a nice guiding app for its unique community feature we listed this app for another Best GPS and Navigation App.

Waze Map Download

Image editing App

PhotoDirector App:-

Photodirector Svdtechtalk

Photo Director is a small app with a bundle of your needs. Pre-packed tools possibly have everything as per your photo editing needs. This tool can arrange simple text bubbles and filters, to complex details like HSL and curves with a very good adjustable range of all. It helps to create best-edited photos out of your collections.

Guess who developed this app a large multimedia software company and the name of the company is Cyberlink a Taiwanese company. So they have guts to splash money on an app and that can be seen. Recommended to all use this free app and get best out of your photos.

Photodirector Download
VSCO Cam:-

VSCO CAM Svdtechtalk

This is another good app if you have got a pile of pictures on your gallery and you need a good editor to give them a shape. A large and different section of presets and tools made VSCO Cam also the best app.

And its journal section reflects best highlights of images around the world and Presets each photographer used to make their photo best quality. This unique feature made this app another level of inspiration, for create some best photos and this feature catches our eye in this app and the app is listed in the best section.

VSCO Download

Music, Movies, and TV


Hulu App Svdtechtalk

If you need an entertainment app for watching movies and TVs shows on your Android device HULU Is the Best solution for you. A free service that depends on ads but there are great shows available.

If you need access all content you must have to pay a small amount don’t worry there is an excellent range of shows available without subscription. Classic US comedies such as like Family Guy, Seinfeld and South Park. Etc.

Due to some reason, this app restricted to the US, but hopefully, we can wish HULU available in another territory soon.

Hulu Download
Google Play Music:-

Google Play Music Svdtechtalk

When it comes to musical app there were thousands of apps in play store but if want to free music downloading app many of them removed for copyright just one app stand along Google Play Music.

You can easily download free tracks from a major artist with an ever changing list in Google Play Music.

Spotify is another good to find a source with paid subscription service and SoundCloud have multi-track streaming platform, for downloading your tracks actually best among the apps Google Play Music is the best to match your needs.

Google Play Music Download
Poweramp Music Player:-
Poweramp Music Player Svdtechtalk

Image taken from Google

In these days Walkman and iPods are hard to find uses by any Android owner, the smartphone has taken place with powerful music players. Default music players do the best job for your basic musical needs but if you need some extra bass or other aspects you will need definitely more.

And the best Music Player App in the Android world is Poweramp Music Payer. With a ton of option, features and support it’s a great way to enjoy your music and support almost all file type you want to play.with Poweramp Music Player you will unless your ultimate music experience there will get no bad experience with this app.

Poweramp Download

Equalizer Svdtechtalk

Equalizer is a good app for if you have a stock player and want more bass or treble down Equalizer can blast your bass need or want to treble down to limit.

The equalizer can give you the control over 5 brand frequency and along with a bass booster and power amplifier for sound can be best for your stock player enhancement.

It can be easily adjusted through its home screen widgets and also includes some quality presets for adjustment on sound. So what makes it special it can engage your smartphone to the next level, the best app for musical quality maintain with a bass level update.

Equalizer Download

Productivity Apps

Password Manager:-


Dashlane Svdtechtalk

Typing The Password manually all the time is very time spending thing and remembers them all a bit difficult sometimes. Forgetting passwords is one of the common problems for most of us in these days.

There is a bit solution for this problem is ‘’DashLane” this app can save all of your passwords so you can easily use them on online forms just copy and paste technique needed.

A common issue arises that is this password manager app secured? Yes, folks, this app is totally secured this app have its own encrypted codes like WhatsApp does, not only that this app monitors them on a regular basis for you so you can sit back and relax without worries.

What’re more, DashLane have it can able to secure other types of data users in online forms like credit card information and have streamlined.

Just choose your online portal and paste you’re quickly saved and copied financial details easily, and your receipt of your all online purchases also be saved by DashLane so you can track your spending easily.

DashLane Download

Cloud Storage App

Google Drive:-

Google Drive Svdtechtalk

All Google apps are built for essential office productivity purpose. And cloud storage doesn’t sound quite as mystical or ethereal as per its name a few years ago now it’s in common place.

It’s not less useful by that as you store your personal data online is much safer than keeping it on an old hard drive.

We are prepared to accept accusations of bias. It’s back into most of the Android devices, who else can are giving extra GB’S of storage space are free except Google. And it’s sync with the handy Google Doc office suite. And you can feel that it’s an undisputed champ.

Google Drive Download

Security/Antivirus Apps

Avast Security Antivirus:-

Avast Svdtechtalk

An essential part of any Android devices is security, in this topic frequently argumentum of safety system crop up.

If you are heading for security app our recent favorite is Avast Antivirus & Security App.

Your mobile is completely safe with Avast Antivirus & Mobile Security from malware for its extraordinary virus detection software. The software can able to search through your microSD card, internal storage, and your browser history. And its inbuilt anti-theft feature is the just awesome type of working location tracking and remotely data whipping. Also, work when your device is not your control.

Note: – Avast Is Not rank one scored in AV-Test this year but as long as it goes free mobile security it will be best.

Avast Download

Personalizing Apps

Nova Launcher:-

Nova Launcher Svdtechtalk

Android offers a great range of apps and features, Android always a prime rival for iOS.

But iOS doesn’t offer everything which Android does. Nova Launcher is always the best app in android in many ways and an exclusive favorite app of our android app list now what is so great about Android?

Let’s custom your entire look of your operating system Nova Launcher is an alternative which is required minimum 4.1, you can feel the difference easily from changing fonts to a number of apps which will appear on the lock screen to the way which app drawer scrolls. An excellent example is Nova Launcher that how can be molded to suit individual’s tastes and preferences, iOS can’t perform as well as Android in this case.

Try Nova Launcher free version today if you will change your current interface as a few you want.

Let’s adopt Nova in any other phone such as Galaxy, HTC, Xperia, LG and even on iOS if you wish.

Nova Launcher Download
Action Launcher 3:-

Action Launcher 3 Svdtechtalk

Launchers are built to offer to customize in a simple way of your Android phone look and feel.

The combination of new icons, app drawer layout, home screen and wallpapers to makes quick changes of your device style or theme.

Unless you try them out you can’t imagine how fun they can be, and one is in our eye Action Launcher 3 a highly perfect recommendation for you.

This is the best introduction to Launchers it does clear and natural changes of the interface without adding so many things that can be the cause of unfortunately stop working the launcher app.

You can perform simple tweaks with Action Launcher 3 like app drawer layout changing icon changing and you can alternate the way for use of your home screen folders.

This app offers the best way to improve your device interface; we tested out that we can call it genuinely an excellent launcher and best of all it’s free of cost.

Action Launcher 3 Download
Next Lock Screen:-
Next Lock Screen Svdtechtalk

Image Taken From Google

If you want to do things on your Smart Phone or Tablet without unlocking then you will need Lock Screen app and Next Lock Screen App is great of all. Notification checking, calendar reminders, music controls, missed calls, Quick Settings and more, you can take control of your locked phone with Next Lock Screen even this app can suggest you the apps based on your location.

Next Lock Screen Download
Do we missed your favorite app please comment below in our comment section.
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